Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re healthy

Valentine’s Day, also known as St Valentine’s Day or St Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on 14 February each year. It is a holiday about love and romance. However, it is important to note that the cold air is still strong during this time, so in order to have a healthy Valentine’s Day, we have summarised the following precautions, wishing you love and health and that every day is Valentine’s Day~


1.Valentine’s Day is the peak time for sending roses, lilies and other flowers, but there is also a concentration of pollen allergy sufferers at this time of year. Symptoms of pollen allergy are red patches, papules, itching or burning sensation on the skin, or itchy nostrils, sneezing and nasal congestion, mostly caused after skin contact with pollen.


Once the allergy occurs, apply a cold compress with a wet towel, consult a doctor promptly and take anti-allergy medication under the doctor’s guidance, and do not indiscriminately apply ointments containing hormones such as skin relief and dermatitis.

Therefore, it is important to know in advance if the person you are sending flowers to is allergic to pollen. Also, allergies are sometimes related to changes in the body’s internal environment. Some people who have not been allergic to pollen before can develop pollen allergies after being exposed to pollen, which is worth noting.

2.Although red wine is good for vasodilation, it should be consumed in moderation. Drinking large amounts of red wine is very bad for the heart, which can lead to alcoholic myocarditis. Moreover, wine is very bad for the brain, liver and pancreas, so it is a mistake to use wine to protect the heart.


In addition, once the platelets in the body encounter a hardened artery, they think it is an injured area and cause a clotting reaction. This process can create a large blockage in the blood vessels, putting a person at a much higher risk of developing a stroke or myocardial infarction.

3.Young fashion lovers must be careful to add and remove clothing in time when going in and out of environments with large temperature differences between indoors and outdoors. During the winter and spring seasons, especially during rain and snow, the temperature is too low to expose your thighs or wear very thin clothing in pursuit of fashion and love, which can easily lead to respiratory diseases.


If your resistance is low, or if you have a chronic illness, try to spend less time outdoors and schedule your activities indoors where it is warm.

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Post time: Feb-15-2023

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