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Innovation Achieve Core Technology

Hardware Strength

Bio-mapper is located in Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, with a headquarters building area of over 5,000 square meters. At the same time, it has independent R&D institutions, antibody production bases and experimental animal breeding bases in Beijing, Anhui Hefei and Shandong in China. ) cloned antibody/recombinant antigen (antibody) as the main product, deeply cultivated in the field of immunodiagnosis, continuous research and development, breaking through technical difficulties, enriching product categories, and innovating production technology.

R&D center: The R&D center has established various advanced professional laboratories, and is equipped with advanced R&D equipment and mature experimental testing technology to meet the needs of independent research and development and customer research and development.

● Antibody production base: a modern production base that meets domestic and international production qualification requirements, equipped with advanced production equipment and independent quality control systems, and has established and optimized a number of efficient production processes, so that the monthly production of antigens can reach Hundreds of grams, the output of antibodies can reach 4-5 kilograms per month.

● Laboratory Animal Breeding Site: The base is located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province, where mice, rabbits, chickens, sheep and other animals are raised all year round for antibody production to ensure the production of raw materials.


Efficient Production

 Efficient production: Maiyue Bio has domestic advanced production equipment, the workshop strictly follows the 6S management standard, and has various advanced production equipment and a comprehensive production monitoring and management system. A number of high-efficiency production lines have been established to consolidate the foundation of quality management, ensure product quality, stabilize product performance, and improve production efficiency.

 Several production lines: prokaryotic cell recombinant antigen expression and purification production line, eukaryotic cell recombinant antigen expression and purification production line, baculovirus cell expression and purification production line, monoclonal antibody expression and purification production line, polyclonal antibody expression and purification production line, natural protein extraction production line, recombinant antibody Expression and purification production line, Nano mAb expression and purification production line.

 Modern precision production inspection instruments: The production line has UV spectrophotometer, UV detector, chemiluminescence analyzer, biochemical analyzer, immunofluorescence detector, nano-gold particle size analyzer, automatic protein purification instrument, automatic large-capacity biological reaction Advanced and modern precision production inspection instruments such as automatic large-capacity biological fermentation tanks, high-efficiency and high-standard production.

 100,000-level purification standard: 6S management standard, the production workshop, semi-finished product temporary storage room, ingredient room and dressing room all adopt the 100,000-level air purification standard, and the inner (outer) packaging material disinfection storage room and other areas adopt the 10,000-level air purification standard.


Perfect Quality Management System


 Perfect quality management system: Maiyue Bio has passed the certification of various authoritative certification agencies, strictly in accordance with the 13485 system standard on-site control, production management and quality control, and ingeniously creates each product of Maiyue, which can provide customers with the same specifications and standards. Products that are produced and verified to improve the adaptability of products on the client side.

 High requirements: Strictly implement the dual quality management system of ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, constantly pursue production quality control, and continuously optimize and improve the quality management system while maintaining high standards and strict requirements, and are committed to providing customers with small batch-to-batch variation and stability. high product.

 High standards: The production, R&D, and quality teams are experienced and skilled in operation. They strictly follow SOP to standardize production and standardize management. Regularly conduct skill training and assessment for relevant personnel, and continuously strengthen quality awareness. Regular maintenance and calibration of production, R&D, and quality testing related equipment to ensure product stability and standardization.

 High quality: All product production and output are checked at various levels in raw material selection, production, quality inspection, product output and cold chain transportation to ensure product stability, functionality and meet all its physical and chemical indicators.

Excellent R&D Team


 Excellent R&D team
 Talents gather to achieve cutting-edge technology
 Maiyue Biology is an elite organization initiated and established by a group of post-80s/90s generation with a sense of national mission. The team has more than 80 R&D personnel, 100% of whom have a bachelor's degree or above, and more than 60% with a master's degree or doctorate. Among them, there are 3 senior R&D doctors, 5 senior foreign R&D consultants, and more than 70% of the industry's R&D personnel with more than 8 years.
 3 senior R&D doctors
 5 senior foreign consultants
 More than 80 high-paying technical R&D teams

State-of-the-art R&D Facilities

Bio-mapper has established various advanced professional laboratories, which can carry out various types of cell preservation, recovery, large-scale fermentation, purification of expressed proteins, performance identification, etc., to detect, analyze and evaluate raw materials and products, and guide products. Optimization and finalization of R&D and production companies.

 Modern precision instruments
 AKTA Protein Purifier
 High performance liquid chromatography
 Gas Chromatograph

 Professional laboratory
 Seed bank of various cells
 Prokaryotic cell culture room
 Prokaryotic cell/yeast cell large fermentation chamber
 Protein purification room
 Eukaryotic cell culture room
 Physical and chemical laboratory
 Chemiluminescence Laboratory
 Colloidal Gold/Latex Chromatography Laboratory
 Accelerated Stability Challenge Lab
 ELISA laboratory


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