CDV Antibody Test Uncut Sheet

CDV Antibody Test 


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Caninedistempervirus (CDV) is a single-stranded RNA virus belonging to the family Paramyxoviridae and Morbillivirus. At room temperature, the virus is relatively unstable, especially sensitive to ultraviolet rays, dryness and high temperatures above 50~60 °C (122~140 °F). Under freezing conditions, the virus can survive for several weeks. Most routine disinfection can kill CDV.

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Canine distemper virus monoclonal antibody (CDV MCAB) is the use of cell fusion technology, the BALB/c mouse splenocytes immunized by canine distemper virus are fused with SP2/0 tumor cells to prepare monoclonal antibody hybridoma cell lines that can secrete anti-canine distemper virus, from which specific hybridoma cells are cultured and screened, and SPF-grade BALB/c is inoculated. In mice, highly effective and highly specific antibodies extracted from the abdominal cavity are monoclonal antibody preparations for the treatment and prevention of canine distemper. Due to the small molecular weight of monoclonal antibodies; It is extremely specific, can quickly reach the virus-infected tissues and cells to kill the virus, achieve the purpose of rapid cure, and is the world’s best biological agent for the treatment and prevention of canine distemper.

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