TP Antibody Test Uncut Sheet

Typhoid IgG/lgM Rapid Test

Type: Uncut Sheet

Brand: Bio-mapper

Catalog: RF0211

Specimen: WB/S/P

Sensitivity: 100%

Specificity: 98.50%

Remarks: Pass NMPA

The rapid detection of syphilis antibody is used to detect the qualitative detection of anti Treponema pallidum antibody, including IgG, IgM and IgA (Tp) in human serum, plasma or whole blood. It is intended to be used for screening and as an auxiliary means to diagnose Tp infection. Any rapid detection of syphilis antibody in reactive samples must be confirmed by alternative detection methods and found clinically.

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Syphilis Tp is a spirochete bacterium, which is the pathogen of venereal syphilis. Although the incidence rate of syphilis in the United States is declining after the outbreak of syphilis, the incidence rate of syphilis in Europe has been rising from 1986 to 1991. In 1992, 263 cases peaked, particularly in the Russian Federation. The World Health Organization reported 12 million new cases in 1995. At present, the positive rate of syphilis serological test in HIV infected people has been rising recently.
The rapid detection of syphilis antibody combination is a side flow chromatography immunoassay.
The test kit includes: 1) a recombinant Tp antigen IgG gold conjugate that combines a purplish red conjugate pad colloidal gold (Tp conjugate) with rabbits.
2) Nitrocellulose membrane strip band containing test band (T) and control band (C band). T band was pre coated with non conjugate recombinant Tp antigen, and C band was pre coated with goat anti rabbit IgG antibody.
When a sufficient volume of sample is distributed into the sample hole, the sample migrates on the carton by capillary action in the carton. If anti Tp antibody is present in the sample, it will bind to Tp conjugate. This immune complex is then captured on the membrane by the pre coated Tp antigen, forming a purple red T band, indicating the positive detection result of Tp antibody. The absence of T band indicates that the result is negative. The test including internal control (band C) should show the purple red band goat anti rabbit IgG/rabbit IgG gold conjugate of immune complex, regardless of its T-band. Otherwise, the test result is invalid and another device must be used.

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